Ariane 6

Ariane 6 is a European expendable launch system operated by Arianespace and developed and produced by ArianeGroup on behalf of the European Space Agency. It replaces Ariane 5, as part of the Ariane launch vehicle family. This two-stage rocket utilizes liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen engines. The first stage features an upgraded Vulcain engine from Ariane 5, while the second uses the Vinci engine, designed specifically for this rocket. The Ariane 62 variant uses two P120 solid rocket boosters, while Ariane 64 uses four. The P120 booster is shared with Europe's other launch vehicle, Vega C, and is an improved version of the P80 rocket stage used on the original Vega. Selected in December 2014 over an all-solid-fuel option, Ariane 6 was originally targeted for a 2020 launch. However, the program encountered delays, with the first launch occurring on 9 July 2024. Wikipedia

  • Function:  A62: Medium-lift launch vehicle, A64: Heavy-lift launch vehicle
  • Manufacturer:  ArianeGroup
  • Country of origin:  European multi-national
  • Project cost:  €3.6 billion
  • Cost per launch:  A62: €70 million (2018 est.), A64: €115 million (2018 est.)
  • Height:  63 m (206.69 ft)
  • Diameter:  5.4 m (17.72 ft)
  • Mass:  A62: 530,000 kg (1,168,449.99 lb), A64: 860,000 kg (1,895,975.45 lb)
  • Stages:  2
  • Family:  Ariane
  • Comparable:  Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, H3, Vulcan Centaur
  • Status:  Active
  • Launch sites:  Guiana Space Centre, ELA-4
  • Total launches:  1
  • Partial failures:  1 (VA262)
  • First flight:  July 9, 2024

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